24 Vintage Seed Packet Labels Vegetables Set B

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24 different vintage seed packet labels with vintage vegetable illustrations
A set of 24 old seed packet labels with vintage vegetable drawings
images of radish, images of brussel sprouts, chicory image, image of cabbage, cauliflower plant images and image of pumpkin
picture of cabbage, turnip images, picture of cabbage plants, carrots illustration and chicory images
picture of basil, carrot pic, cauliflower images, squash image,clettuce picture and an onion sketch
pics of lettuce, salsify image, images of cabbage, white radish images

24 different labels each color vegetable drawing printed on the front. This set of vintage seed packet labels includes pictures of pumpkins, picture of radish, onion illustrations, a picture of brussel sprouts, images of basil, pictures of carrots & other vintage vegetable illustrations listed at the bottom of this page.

The labels would have been stuck onto seed packets to illustrate the vegetables grown from the seeds. Each label measures approximately 2.4" x 4" (6cm x 10cm). The back is not gummed.

This is one of three sets of 24 vintage French vegetable seed packet labels and is included in the set of 72 vintage French seed packet labels vegetables

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The other labels in this set include pictures of turnips, spinach, cauliflower and lettuce.