24 Vintage Seed Packet Labels Flowers Set 2

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24 small flower drawings that includes poppy flower drawing and hollyhock flower images
Vintage botanical art with hollyhock flower pictures and painting of daisy
Pictures of annual flowers from seed packet labels including images of Zinnia and other vintage floral prints
6 color flower drawings that includes phlox flower image, pictures of asters and other small flower drawings
A collection of single flower prints with pictures of mums blue bell flower image and other vintage flower art
6 hand painted flowers with verbena images and other vintage botanical illustrations

These botanical prints were designed as labels to be glued onto seed packets. They are genuine lithograph seed packet labels dating to the 1920's

Each label measures approx. 2.4" x 4" (6cm x 10cm).

This is one of three sets of 24 vintage French flower seed packet labels and is included in the set of 72 vintage French seed packet labels Flowers

The  labels in this set include bellflower,nasturtium, dahlia, asters, phlox images, pictures of larkspur zinnia, poppy, pansies, hollyhock, carnation, balsam, wallflower, verbena, sweet william, scabiosa, chrysanthemums and forget me not.

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