Vintage French Seed Packets 27 Different empty seed packets

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vintage french seed packets
vintage seed packets
antique seed packets with vintage seed labels
vintage seed packet  - simplyfrenchvintage

27 vintage seed packets. Each of these empty seed packets has the original vintage flower label glued to the front. The sowing instructions are printed on the back of each old seed packet.

There are two sizes of seed packet, the dimensions are

5.6" x 2.2" (14.2cm x 5.7cm) 

5.2" x 1.9" (13.2cm x 4.9cm)

The botanical illustrations printed on the label include forget me nots, zinnia, asters, wallflowers, carnations, nasturtiums, pansy, bellflower, sweet william, purslane, scabiose, red linen and phlox.