72 Antique Seed Packet Labels Flowers

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A set of 72 original vintage botanical illustrations made up of a collection of small flower drawings
72 vintage flower prints from old seed packets that have not been used and in excellent condition
6 vintage flower pictures of poppies, pictures of carnations and chrysanthemum drawings
6 vintage flower seed packet labels that includes pictures of hollyhocks
6 vintage flower prints of poppies, pictures of delphiniums, images of daisies, verbena images and carnations images
6 vintage flower graphics including pictures of delphiniums, pictures of daisies and pictures of asters

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72 Antique seed packet labels with illustrations of flowers. The labels are in excellent condition and would have been gummed onto seed packets to illustrate the flowers grown from the seeds.

The labels date to the 1920's and are lithograph prints of hand painted drawings. The colors are bold and clear and the paper that they were printed on has a lovely old feel. They are genuine vintage labels.

They were found at an old seed merchants where they had been stored for nearly 100 years in a clean and dry environment

Each label measures approximately 2.4" x 4" (6cm x 10cm). The back is not gummed.

You can then use them as you like...for display, collage, scrapbooking...there are many possibilities of using these original little works of art.

This set of 72 different flower seed packet labels includes all the labels in Set 1, Set 2 & Set 3

This set of labels includes pansies, hollyhocks, forget me nots, sunflowers, zinnia, viola, sweet williams, snapdragon, scabiosa, purslane, phlox, poppies, petunia, periwinkle, nightshade, nasturtiums, morning glory, delphiniums, foxglove, everlasting, daisies, dahlias, chrysanthemums, carnations, bluebell, balsams, asters and wallflowers