ANTIQUE HEMP Grain Sack in GOOD Condition

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ANTIQUE HEMP Grain Sack in GOOD Condition - simplyfrenchvintage
ANTIQUE HEMP Grain Sack front panel - simplyfrenchvintage
Hemp Grain Sack detail of Darn - simplyfrenchvintage
ANTIQUE HEMP Grain Sack Back Panel - simplyfrenchvintage

This  lovely old French hemp grain sack with hand sown darns and printing is over 100 years old. It has been stored in a clean and dry environment for many years and found at a farm near us in Burgundy, France.

Unlike many European hemp sacks which are modern day reproductions and therefore in perfect condition this is a genuine 'time worn' sack from an old mill. The fabric is in good condition and could be used to make a pillow cover or as part of an upholstery project.

I have hand washed this sack in cold water to remove remnants of grain and dust. Please do not wash the sack with suds or in a machine as this will remove the print. The fabric can be washed in cold water or dry cleaned. Further cleaning is unlikely to remove any marks that remain on this sack.

There are 3 very small holes above the printed area, these can be seen in images 1 and 2. You will also see in the images that there are some lovely hand sown darns

This sack is for those who like the genuine article but appreciate that there are signs it has been used for many years. If you are looking for 'perfect unmarked fabric' without rustic repairs please do not buy this sack as there are plenty of unused sacks recently manufactured using modern thread that has been woven in the old style.

The sack is made from a heavy weight fabric, it weighs 2lb 12oz (1.25kg) and has a heringbone weave (see detail in image 3). The front panel has the millers name printed on the front (Images 1 and 2) and the back panel (image 4) is unprinted. Both panels could be used in a project. Please look at the images to see the small darns and assess the fabric.

The approximate dimensions of the printed area are:
Max Height: 13 3/4" (35cm) approx.
Max Width: 10 3/4" (28cm) approx.

The approximate  dimensions of this sack are:
Height: 47" (120cm) approx.
Width: 26" (66cm) approx.

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